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Trican Plain/Unflavored

Trican Plain/Unflavored
Trican Plain/Unflavored
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Orders shipped outside of the USA may incur custom fees which we have no control over. If you live in Europe you can avoid custom fees by ordering TERRANOVA LIFE DRINK ( a similar highly nutrition formula like TRICAN) and it will be shipped from Spain to your home.

TRICAN - Plain/Unflavored – 579 grs powder - Research and countless testimonials indicate that all illnesses including cancers are the result of a nutritional deficiency.  TRICAN ultra nutritional supplement literally shocks the body’s autonomous nervous system with high doses of natural minerals, hormones, botanicals, collagen, natural occurring chemicals (there are some 60 chemicals that occur in the human body), amino acids and Vitamin E and D, etc.  Upon nutritional correction, the body resumes correct DNA instructions leading to healthy normal cell production. When the body's environmental factors are correct, the body no longer manufactures the diseased cells, and the existing diseased cells die in a natural manner and are eventually replaced by normal cells.   

TRICAN nutritional powder formula is sold in 579 gram container with 30 daily servings per container. 1 bottle of certified pure (free of PCB’s) Cod liver oil, 90 softgels are included with each bottle of TRICAN.  Recommended dosage: Take 1 scoop of TRICAN powder in a cold juice, water, tea, etc, once a day along with 3 Cod liver oil capsules per scoop to maintain good health and disease prevention.  4 to 8 scoops a day of TRICAN recommended for serious illnesses until health is restored.


For a full list of Trican ingredients, please click here.


Please note that for every purchase of Trican a free bottle of cod liver oil is included.


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Max. 6 Units Per Order


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